About us

Our task is to see the world of aviation from different eyes and construct new perspectives. For us at Embraer, giving birth to innovation begins with the more than 50 partnerships we maintain with various institutions that bring diverse knowledge from experiments, projects, and ideas. Over our nearly 50 years of history, we have always reinvented ourselves in order to find new products and solutions. That’s why annually we invest almost 10% of our revenue in research, development, innovation, and improvement of our industrial installations. And the result of this investment couldn’t be better: nearly half of it comes from innovations or significant improvements implemented over the last five years.

So much force, dedication, and worry about innovation has resulted in big gains for Embraer. Between 2010 and 2015, the presence of suppliers for airplane parts, components, and assembly for the aerospace industry headquartered in Brazil more than doubled: from 32 thousand types of parts, we now have distributors of 66 thousand. This led to a 67% increase in profits, and more than 1200 new jobs.